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Art Movement of the Tang Dynasty in China (Essay Sample)


The essay discusses the famous Art Movement of the Tang Dynasty in China. It Explains how the tang dynasty contributed to this great art movement. Several emperors and artists played a large role. Some of the famous artworks during the Tang Dynasty art movement included the Thirteen Emperor Scroll painting and Emperor Wen of Sui painting attributed to Yan Liben.


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Art Movement of the Tang Dynasty
The Tang Dynasty art movement began as a result of social and political change that was witnessed in China from 581 to 907 CE. The political change witnessed involved the reunion of China under the Sui dynasty after the fragmentation for more than 400 years (Sullivan 121). The Tang Dynasty followed from 618 under the foundations laid by Sui rulers and became stronger and prosperous. Another political change involved the adoption of benevolent rule, economic expansion, and diplomatic relationships that replaced military campaigns. China also experienced social change where educated men who undertook official examination served as government officials and replaced the old aristocracy (Benn 261). Besides, it began to receive new ideas from far-away lands where clerics, envoys, and merchants from India, Japan, Korea, Persia, Arabia, and Syria flocked the streets of Chang’an the capital. Consequently, the social and political change and the spread of new ideas resulted in more creativity and the spread of the Tang Dynasty Art Movement.
The emperors of the Tang Dynasty played a critical role in promoting the Art Movement of the Tang Dynasty. These emperors acted as patrons of art in the courts thereby attracting painters from various parts of their Empire. For instance, Emperor Taizong acted as a patron to Yan Liben who became a minister of the state and whose role 

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