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A Ban On Cigarette Smoking In Materially Educational Institutions (Essay Sample)


This argumentative essay discussed the need to enact a ban on cigarette smoking in materially educational institutions.


The cigarette is not considered as a narcotic drug despite the harmful effects it brings about to both the active and passive user. The cigarette contains a lot of chemicals which include carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, hydrogen cyanide among others; these chemicals when inhaled by the active user may also affect the passive smoker (Harris 59). Several efforts have been put forth in an attempt to reduce the smoking of cigarette among the youth as well as the old in the society. Research shows that the different strategies used to create awareness result to different coverage of the smoking population. The rate at which people are engaging in cigarette smoking is alarming; this is especially for the young generation. Most of the smoking population according to studies fall under the age of campus education. With the high rate at which they get to smoke, then it becomes the responsibility of the campus administration to enact policies that ban smoking in the campus premises. This ban may be enacted in an attempt to prevent health effects of smoking, reduce cases of house fires, prevent peer influence and reduce litter as a result of cigarette remains.
Smoking within the campus premises should be banned to reduce the cases of harmful health effects of cigarettes. Cigarette smoking affects both the active smoker and the passive smoker. In a campus setting, there are those who smoke and also those who do not smoke. In an event that smoking is allowed on the campus premises, almost everyone who comes into contact with the smoke may have their health affected. During smoking, the mainstream smoke is inhaled by the active smoker which is then emitted to the surrounding; here the passive smoker gets into contact with it. If it happens that the active smoker has a communicable disease there are high chances that they may cause the passive smoker to contract the disease. Low levels of ventilation have also been blamed for high chances that both the smoker and the nonsmoker may inhale toxic gases which in some cases are carcinogenic (Harris 60 & 61). Due to the high population in many of the campuses, there are high chances that among them, the smoking portion is large, this poses a threat to the nonsmokers.
Cigarette smoking in buildings has been blamed for causing fires. Cigarette smoking within the campus environment may lead to the outbreak of fires. The campus environment is not different from any other built environment where fires have been reported due to smoking. In the United States, two percent of the fires that burn buildings is caused by smoking, in the overall, there are more than seven thousands cases of fires that are as a result of smoking

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