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How My Coursework Has Had An Impact On Myself And Other People? (Essay Sample)


This reflective essay covers how I utilized those opportunities to initiate modifications at my institute and influenced my surroundings.

Name Professor’s Name Course Date How my Coursework has had an Impact on Myself and Others? Apart from the theoretical perspectives that this coursework has provided me with, my practical knowledge as a scholar and an advocate of the student community has also been enhanced to a major extent. In addition, several possibilities emerged to help me explore the ways I can adopt to bring a social change in my domain. This reflective essay covers how I utilized those opportunities to initiate modifications at my institute and influenced my surroundings. Firstly, my primary focus has always been to help freshmen because they face several challenges at the campus due to the lack of exposure. I took actions to connect them to their seniors who can play the role of mentors and provide them with some moral support and guidance. The reason why I thought this would be a positive action is that I am aware of the difficulty new students confronts in engaging and adapting to the new environment, so a backing from an older student can give a boost to their enthusiasm. Secondly, in an educational environment, proactive guidance functions a backbone because it determines how constructive the education is going to be for the student. Taking this into consideration and using the outcomes of the initiative mentioned above, I helped the students who were struggling with their courses. After appropriate scrutiny of the data collected from assessments, these students were approached and provided with dedicated supervision to address their weak points. Resultantly, it improved their grades and influenced them on a moral and ethical level. Thirdly, although a good academic performance is the most prominent indication of a student’s success, one cannot deny that co-curricular activities are crucial for their positive participation in the capacity. Such events function as a constructive intervention and facilitate the flow of their academic and non-academic journey. For this reason, by building a trust-based relationship, learners were encouraged to take part in sports and avail other recreational opportunities. Fourthly, while I was trying to bring a change on a communal level, I realized that the people around me also acknowledge these efforts. It did not take long when I saw people showing their willingness to be on board with me on these initiatives, and it was exceedingly encouraging to see people supporting the idea of bringing a progressive change. In short, from the idea...
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