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On Being Brought From Africa to America – Article on Covid-19 Pandemic (Essay Sample)


This task was about summarizing articles from different sources related to a particular topic, which in this case was the COVID-19 pandemic. The samples provided covered various aspects of the pandemic, including its impact on different countries, the development of vaccines, and the measures taken to control its spread. The goal of the task was to extract the most important information from the articles and present it in a concise and informative manner. This type of task is common in journalism, research, and other fields where it is important to quickly gather information from multiple sources.


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On Being Brought from Africa to America Poetic Analysis
Literal works are usually considered in different perspectives depending on the views of those who analyze them. The argumentative process of forming the rays of opinions is usually referred to as literary analysis. The poem On Being Brought from Africa to America, is a real-life experience of a woman by the name Phillis Wheatley who is both the author and the poet of this literal piece. The analysis of this poem will look into the thematic concerns, the imagery and various concepts on the lifestyle of the poet. It will also involve the syntax or structural analysis of the entire poem, and its relevance to the main message in the poem.
Author and First Impression
As aforementioned, the author (Phillis Wheatly) is a victim of the inhumane practice of slave trade that erupted early during the ages of civilization. Having been abducted at the age of seven and made to live as a slave in a foreign land, she portrays so much positivity in all that befalls her (Hidalgo 82). The first impression is the positive attitude determined to explore greater altitudes. What surprises and compels most to love the conceptual framework of her mindset is the fact that she sees the fate of slavery as a golden opportunity that earned her salvation and the 

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