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Bridge to Terabithia. Literature & Language Essay. (Essay Sample)


The Task was Analyzing the theme of Imagination from the work of fiction. the sample ANALYZES the different literary elements employed by the author in the bridge to terabithia to create the theme of imagination.


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Bridge to Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia is a novel based on children's literature. The story highlights the central theme of friendship as depicted by the characters used by the author. The novel revolves around tow fifth grades who come from different backgrounds but end up developing good friendship at school. The friendship between the two children was formed based on the activities they were undertaking in school. Due to the competition launched by these children, they end up being close friends, although they did not know each other's gender at first. The protagonist of the story is Jess, who hails from a large family with financial struggles. Jess became a close friend to Leslie, the only child of a well-to-do couple. The paper presents the different literary elements employed by the author in creating an imagination for the reader about the interaction among the characters.
Foreshadowing is a primary literary device within the novel. The author has forged the device in support of the friendship between Leslie and Jess. The tool enables a reader to develop an imagination about what will happen in the future of the story (Dallacqua 5). The friendship between Leslie and Jess was based on the fact that Leslie beat him in the school recess races. Although he had used his summertime practising for the school races, he was astonishing for being beaten by Leslie, who was a new kid in school. Nobody in the school was aware of Leslie after realizing that she is the one who won the race.
Through foreshadowing, the author makes the reader imagine that the friendship between the two children will be good (Paterson 21). The first time the two students meet, Jess is unable to identify the gender of Leslie. He kept on wondering the person whether or not the person who beat him in the race was a boy. Although Jess was not aware of the gender of this new student, the author uses foreshadowing to create an image in the eyes of the reader that their gender will not be an obstacle in the lives of these children. The fact is depicted by Jess when he claims that it does not matter hat gender Leslie is as this will not be a factor for the different decisions they will be making in their lives.

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