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Against Modern Medicine Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Research about modern medicine and write an argumentative essay.


Why People should Avoid the Use of Modern Medicine
The orthodox method of treatment and traditional medicines are the best alternatives in the contemporary world. In the 18th century, medicine emerged after the industrial revolution. At that period, economic activities grew rapidly in both America and Western Europe. Apart from that, innovations and scientific discoveries were made by people during the 19th century (Hall, 2018). Also, scientists made noticeable progress in understanding both viruses and bacteria. Other illnesses were also identified and prevented. Throughout the period, the manufacturing of drugs has changed over time. Modern drugs have harmful content; also, both health care and medicines have been infected by gender biasness. Additionally, modern drugs have been linked to causing cancer in women. Although scientists say that the current modern medicine is as a result of tremendous advancement in understanding human health. Therefore, Modern medicine should be severely discouraged, especially in women, due to the negative implication that can reduce the life span.
Modern medicine has harmful content. Corticosteroids have been identified as one of the ingredients in the medicine (Kenna, 2011). Research proving that they are useful in the treatment of various health conditions should not be perceived. The ingredient has a massive side effect in psychiatric. Studies show that patients treated with corticosteroids have exhibited side effects. The symptoms associated with the treatment include suicidal thinking and behavior, delirium, anxiety and panic disorder, mood disorder, and aggressive behaviors (Kenna, 2011). Additionally, the presence of the drug in older patients has been misdiagnosed as early Alzheimer,s disease. Therefore the use of modern medicine should be highly discouraged.

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