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Opening up the Economy after the Corona Virus Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


this sample examines experts opinions regarding opening up the economy in the united states.


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Reopening the Economy After COVID-19
The global pandemic of COVID-19 that the world is trying to deal with and flatten both the infection and death curves, ahs affected our lives in unprecedented ways. In many parts of the world, governments have suspended economic activities and called for a lockdown of entities cities and countries to curb the spread of the virus CITATION Wel20 \l 1033 (Weller). The cession of movement ordered by the government came as a blow to the businesses that depend on walking. Small and medium enterprises which are considered the backbone of not only developing economies in Africa but also the backbone of developed economies in America are no longer operational. Governments and policymakers are taking actions to cushions business by offering low-interest loans to businesses. The above loans are designed as stimulus packages to encourage spending to restore economic activities. This paper takes a look behind the curtain and outlines some of the steps that the government and policymakers are taking to reopen economies.
While the threat of the Coronavirus is not over, and the number of infections continues to rise, the situation varies from one state to another in the U.S. while some states, for example, New York City has been hard hit by the pandemic and require more time to flatten the infection curve, other states, for example, in Alabama have relaxed their stay-at-home orders and reopened some parts of the economy. A total of five states in the united state have moved to reopen some parts of the economies, which include shops, fitness centres, nail salons among others CITATION Reo20 \l 1033 (Re-opening the economies after Covid-19). The above businesses are reopening with strict regulation that adheres to the federal guidelines "Opening Up America Again." The federal regulations lay out a set of conditions that the public must follow as the country starts to relax its social distancing rules.

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