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How To Make A Monthly Household Budget Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


the instructions by the client required me to write about anything. The attached sample is a written paper delivered to the client, specifically talking about the stages involved in making a monthly household budget.


Making a Monthly Household Budget
With the ever-worsening economy, it is crucial to have more control over your spending, and there is no better way to achieve your financial goals than making a monthly household or personal budget (Garg and Sharma 1). Fortunately, you do not need to be an accomplished accountant to come up with a household budget. By simply making a detailed list of expected revenue and expenditures for a defined period, you can easily plan on how they will spend, track their spending patterns, or save their finances for the specified one month’s period. Like an accountant, however, the secret to the most effective personal budget is ensuring that the information and figures used are as detailed and accurate as possible. This essay demonstrates how to make a monthly household budget in six easy steps on a pre-made budget worksheet.
The first step in making a household budget is gathering every financial information that you can possibly get. Since an effective personal budget requires one to be as detailed and precise as possible, collecting all the necessary information will ensure that the budget contains every detail required. Such information may include bank records, savings accounts, receipts, and any other data on a source of income or expenditure. Since establishing a monthly average is another significant aspect of the budget-making process, the more data collected, the better. After gathering all the necessary information, the next step is to detail every source of your income on the income column. This record must include sources of income in situations where you are self-employed or where you have any other external sources of revenue, the aim being to ensure that no source of income is left out. Where you are employed and in receipt of a net pay after deduction of taxes, recording the net monthly income is preferable to gross income.

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