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State-Sponsored Censorship in Modern-Day Nation Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


State-Sponsored Censorship in Modern-Day Nation


State-Sponsored Censorship in Modern-Day Nation
Censorship has existed throughout man’s history. In some of the modern day nations, state-sponsored censorship continues to be practiced, limiting the information and ideas circulated in the society. Countries such as Eretria and North Korea continue practicing state-sponsored censorship that has left their freedom of expression and speech in jeopardy.
The rise of internet use has allowed people a way to express their opinions and views. It has offered people the means to reach to the rest of the world in support or as a means to end censorship. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have offered the right platform for journalist and individuals to express their views (Laine and Caren 32). However, state sponsored censorship continues to be propelled in some of the nations through restrictions of the internet as well as the use of repressive laws.
Some of the leading countries that practice modern day state-sponsored censorship include Eretria and North Korea. In 2011 fearing the spread of Arab spring uprising, Eritrea made sure it scrapped plans to offer mobile internet for its citizens thus limiting access to independent information (Committee to Protect Journalists 12). The only means of accessing internet remains through dial up connections that are inherently slow. The country has the lowest number of phone users globally with only 5.6% of the total population in the country owning cell phones. Eritrea president, Isaias Afewerki has maintained an iron grip on the information passed in the country

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