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Should English remain the international language (lingua franca) for business?! (Essay Sample)


Should English remain the international language (lingua franca) for business?!
The sample is about the use of English in the international communication.


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Should English remain the international language (lingua franca) for business?!
The most dominant language in the world being English and certainly being used as the global language for many nations internationally where its citizens speak English as rather first native speakers or as their second language. The reason as to why English should remain an international language for trade are highlighted below;
Most world population is occupied by people who speak English as either native speakers or as individuals who acquired English as their second language. This is likely to boost the language in business across the globe. Entrepreneurs can use English in stating contracts, analyzing brochures, documentation and issuing invoices to their clients. It could also be used in communication and issuing invoices to clients or business partners overseas (Ting). The process is likely to boost business growth if partners are able to communicate and transact efficiently. This on the other hand, might fail to happen and the set goals in business become unachievable if incase the partners are not conversant with English because the correct message might not be delivered and that will lead to misinterpretation on the same.

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