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The Effects of Technology on Personal Behavior and Societal Setting (Essay Sample)


THIS CLIENT WANTED AN ESSAY ON The Effects of Technology on Personal Behavior and Societal Setting


The Effects of Technology on Personal Behavior and Societal Setting
Technology is overtaking human lives and relationships today. The invention of new technologies is having a major impact on social relations and the society as a whole. The use of technology is consistently being promoted throughout the society and is widely available across various generations. Many people believe that the use of technology is making life easier. Many things that were not doable by the use of human hands and labor are now easier to handle thanks to technology. However, over-reliance on technology has greatly affected the social fabric leaving a negative effect on society. The incorporation of online world into every aspect of the society such as the household is leaving the society in a state of a quagmire as simple activities such as social interactions between individuals within the household are becoming difficult. Members of a family find sharing difficult and choose to live a quiet and individual life. One author who has greatly argued about the negative effects of the online world is Sherry Turkle. She presents a convincing argument for the negative effects of technology and how technology is leading to personal destruction. Turkle presents a valid argument on the negative effects of technology.

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