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Organizational Structure, Behavior, Processes and Functions Essay (Essay Sample)


critically discuss the organizational theory and identifies its functional practicalities


Organizational Structure, Behavior, Processes and Functions
The organizational structure has an impact in the operations and the running of the firm; this is especially so since an efficient and effective model is to be established. a well organized firm will likely have well developed processes and protocols in working out different functions as opposed with others that are not organized and will work haphazardly in solving a function. Moreover, being organized ensures a smooth and systematic solving of any problem and can enable easy tracking of the processes (Miner, 52). Indeed, the organizational behavior processes and functions are a reflection of the structure implemented and will in turn impart on the performance and productivity; additionally, it may also impact on costs as an organized system will be able to identify the flaws and inconsistencies and correct them. This paper critically discuses the organizational theory and identifies its functional practicalities. In addition, it gives a resourceful and authoritative focus on the perspective of organizational structure, behavior, processes and functions by analyzing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
The Organizational Theory
The organization remains dynamic and hence it study requires adverse knowledge and critical analysis; this helps in identifying themes used by different organizations in their quest to solve problems and maximize the efficiency and output. The organizational theories impact on the structure, behavior, processes and functions of the firm in that management will choose and implement one school of thought that will in turn affect the aforementioned. The organizational theory is categorized into three perspectives that include classical, neoclassic and modern organization (environmental) (Daft, 67).
The classical is grouped into scientific management approach, bureaucratic, and administrative. The scientific theory applies the Taylor’s principles of management that focus on innovating a scientific method that substitute the old strategy of applying the “rule of the thumb”. In addition, it accents on the need for management to train its employees; a good working relation between the workers and management and identical division of labor among the workers and the managers. The bureaucratic theory focuses on the principles of structure, specialty, rationality, predictability, democracy and stability. Indeed, this theory can be rigid, uncongenial, used to develop self interests and build empires. The administrative theory focuses on the principles of management which highlights on aspects of planning, training, organizing, coordinating and commanding functions.

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