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Central Issues in Chinua Achebe's Novel, "Things Fall Apart" (Essay Sample)


Use 500-550 words for each question:
Address 2 questions/issues central to Chinua Achebe's novel, "Things Fall Apart".
1) First carefully consider the 2 central father-son relationship within the novel: Okonkwo's relationship with his father, Unoka, and Okonkwo's relationship with his eldest son, Nwoye. Explore how each of these relationships reveals insights about Okonkwo's character/personality, in particular about Okonkwo's tragic flaw(s). Are there any deep ironies in the generational pattern(s) of grandfather-father-son by Achebe?
2) Second, consider the novel as a commentary on the coming of the 'white ma' and Christianity to the Ibo people. How has traditional Ibo culture 'fallen apart' and radically changed because of the European colonization? Consider carefully the suicide death of Okonkwo- his very tragic fall- and the kinds of commentary critique that Achebe might be offering, both of Ibo culture, and the european colonizers.


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Things Fall Apart
The book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe details the tragic fall of the protagonists, Okonkwo, and the Igbo culture desecration due to colonization. The book follows Okonkwo's life from his poor background to becoming a leader and outcast in the Umuofia community. The critical events include his exile from the community for killing a clansman, his return, and the emergence of the white man's religion in the Umuofia community. The essay details the father-son relationship between Okonkwo, the father, and his eldest son. In addition, the essay illustrates the effects of colonization on the Igbo culture, such as the erosion of their social way of life.
Father-son Relationship and Okonkwo's Tragic Flaw
In the book, Things Fall Apart, there are two father-son relationships, Okonkwo and Unoka, his father, and Okonkwo and Nwoye, his eldest son. In both cases, the father-son relationship is not ideal as the sons have different values than their fathers. Nwoye revolts against his father's norms as he prefers embracing modern beliefs. The result

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