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Chinese Literature Character Analysis – Hsiang Lin’s Wife in Lu Xun’s New Year’s Sacrifice (Essay Sample)


The task entailed chinese literature character analysis. It entailed using a provided primary source and analyzing the character of one of the main individuals in the text, Hsiang Lin’s wife in Lu Xun’s. Providing a detailed and accurate analysis of the character required to first read the text and to undersand what it entails. Character analysis is an interesting area of discussion in literature since most people are likely to havd different and uinque perspectives about a character as they continue to read and understand the primary text.


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Chinese Literature Character Analysis –Hsiang Lin’s wife in Lu Xun’s New Year’s Sacrifice
Lu Xun’s New Year’s Sacrifice is one of the most exciting pieces of Chinese literature. The story explores a wide array of issues that usher the audience into the world of Chinese traditions. One character, in particular, stands out as she plays the protagonist, ensuring everything revolves around her. The character referred to as Hsiang Lin’s wife is critical to the play as the narrator follows several aspects of her life. The narrator further helps the audience understand the character’s traits, which are essential in helping establish several themes as presented by the author in the story. Hsiang Lin’s wife’s character traits, such as her curious nature, her quiet character, and her ability to work in every task she is assigned as a maid-servant, are fundamental in establishing the themes of marriage tradition and the role of women in traditional Chinese society.
Hsiang Lin’s wife’s curious nature
Hsiang Lin’s wife emerges as a curious character keen on learning more about issues that stir her curiosity. Her curious nature is evident during the initial encounter with the narrator. The narrator meets her along the river, and immediately Hsiang Lin’s wife spots him she demonstrates an interest to want to engage in a conversation. After exchanging pleasantries, Hsiang Lin’s

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