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Close Reading Assignment on "Far Away" by Carol Churchill Essay (Essay Sample)


Close Reading Assignment on "Far Away" by Carol Churchill
Directly paraphrased from my Professor:

These assignments are not meant to be formal essays; you do not have to present and develop a fully-fledged argument. In fact, do not bother with introductions or summaries or author biographies or any other space-wasting writing. I want to see you practice interpreting the text. In general, I will evaluate you based on how well you:
(a) say something interpretive about the specific details of a text (i.e. close reading): you should think critically about the significance of the language, diction, images, motifs, and/or structure that the author uses in the passage you’re talking about. You should always be quoting from, citing, and analyzing the text.
(b) try to do some creative and critical thinking

Close Reading Prompt:
How does Far Away use or represent some idea of tragic theater or tragic theory/philosophy? Pick one or two passages that you can analyze in detail to support your ideas.
This assignment should be 2 pages long. It should be typed, given a descriptive title, and carefully proofread.

This is a close reading assignment. You are expected to respond to the prompt while analyzing and interpreting a chosen detail in the text or passage thinking critically about it.

No source is needed I will provide the pdf for the play "Far Away"

Please no plagiarism what so ever.
My Professor is very strict on this and uses multiple tools to check. I will check as well.


Student’s Name
Instructor’s Name
Close Reading Assignment on "Far Away" by Carol Churchill
Form of leadership can trigger turmoil and fear among the governed. One of the most disturbing aspects of government is to induce fear in its citizens through various pain stimuli procedures. In this way, Caryl uses different language, images, dictions, and structure to represent the state of fear in global citizens due to brutal governments.
Caryl uses word phrases ironically to indicate the inner feeling of the citizens. For instance, Harper says, 'you are shivering. Are you hot?' Basically, we know that people shiver because of coldness or when they are experiencing apathy. Ironically, Harper tells Joan that he thinks she is hot because she is shivering. Literary, Harper implies that Joan is shivering because of fear and asks whether she is 'hot,' meaning tensed. Joan responds by saying that she is all right means that they fear exposing what they feel about the government in place. Indeed, they hide their anxiety among themselves.

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