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Mid-to-late 20th Century-Dairy Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


read inforamton and data provided and summarize what you have learned


Mid-to-late 20th Century-Dairy
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Mid-to-late 20th Century
The world has been in the mood for revolution for decades; however, a lot has happened since the mid-20th century. Although some of them are irreversible, most of them tend to cycle from one season to another. The form of governance, socialism, capitalism, and politics have remained almost the same since the 20th century. Moreover, there have been a few changes in these disciplines, but the original goal is to have better lives and enhance democracy. For example, the tornado cyclone left most Black people in St. Louis homeless and hundreds injured. The cyclone that occurred in 1927, Hurricane Katrina that happened early 21st century (2005), is an example of how history repeats itself. The cyclone left more than 1800 people dead and others homeless. What is the primary lesson in these scenarios? That the government, meteorologists, and people should have a close relationship (Romy, p5). The government should learn that natural disasters will always occur; therefore, allocate enough money to handle the situation whenever it occurs.

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