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Compare the Heroic Ideals Depicted in The Iliad. Essay (Essay Sample)


Comparison between the heroic acts by different characters in Iliad. of major focus are Achilles and Hector.


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Compare the Heroic Ideals Depicted in The Iliad.
In society, each individual has their heroes defined through distinct qualities (Smith 10). To some, a hero must have some outstanding and highest levels of morality. However, Whitman (24) uses the Aristotelian approach to describe a hero in relation to tragic experiences. He argues that a hero is a protagonist who is utterly perfect with goodness, tragic superiority flaws as well as becoming conscious of the flaws and inevitability of suffering. In Homer’s The Iliad, these heroic characteristics can be evident in many characters; however, the most memorable ones are Achilles and Hector. These are the characters whose heroic qualities are to be compared in this essay.
In many instances throughout the epic poem, Achilles and Hector are involved in dwell to test their strengths, win the battles at each stage, and become warriors that command a following (Whitman 23). As the members of the army (elite status), the duo exhibits both human and superhuman qualities that make them earn respect and be equally fierce.

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