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The Top Five Horror Movies in the Contemporary Society Essay (Essay Sample)


Describe how love and losses were depicted in inferno


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Loving and Losing: Beyond One’s Suffering
Everyone in this world has an innate craving for love and satisfaction. At birth, the baby longs for the affection of the mother, and giving him the very first warm embrace makes all the difference in the world. Science has even proved that the essence of these actions upon birth is that, love can provide the child epigenetic factors that may benefit him in his growth and development.
In fact, it is beyond most people’s imagination of not having to belong to anything in a lifetime. Even the world’s most hated people want salvation. Some people resort to abuse just to keep a place where they belong. All of these sacrifices are for the longing for love and validation and these idealistic matters can bring a person to the brink of suffering and sometimes, they drown with them until no one can hear even their loudest shouts for vengeance and mercy. Because of these, people realize that with love comes suffering.

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