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Executing Marketing Research Data Collection Methods (Essay Sample)


Marketing Research Project Part 2: Executing Marketing Research
You as a Marketing Research Manager have been assigned to conduct a small marketing research study. You have identified the problems that you want to solve, came up with the research questions, and planned research design in your research proposal in week 3. (I UPLOADED THE WEEK 3 PROPOSAL) Please discuss and prepare the following items:
Data collection methods (Chapter 8 -10) -- How would you collect your data, quantitative (i.e., survey) or qualitative (i.e., interview, observation) or mixed (i.e., survey and interview)? What are the different means and techniques you will use to collect data, online survey, in-person interview, or observation, etc.?
Sampling design (Chapter 14) – Who will be your sample? What would be your sample size and how would you determine the sample size?
Questionnaire design (Chapter 11 & 13 & 15) -- You have to develop questionnaires and collect data (i.e., through the survey or interview, etc.)
Instructions for Assignment:
2-3 Pages in APA 7th format excluding cover and reference pages
Use a minimum of 3 references: Don't forget to cite them.
Submit in a Word format, not the PDF file.


Executing Marketing Research
Student’s Name
Executing Marketing Research
Data Collection Methods
Based on the prevailing challenge facing JCPenny, data will be collected from two sources, organization sales department and their perception on change management, and the management regarding the impact of ineffective change management on organizational performance. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods will be used in this case. Surveys will be sent to the respective organizational departments. Data will also be collected from articles from the company that are based on similar studies about the company.
The techniques that will be used in data collection include the online surveys sent to the organization departs and also through observations. The online survey has been selected because it is easier to collect data within a short period of time (Jones, 2017). This will save on time taken conducting one-on-one interviews and gives room for further analysis within a short duration of time. Also online survey offers an opportunity for the participants to be honest with their responses since it does not waste their time. Online survey also offers the desired flexibility because they can respond to questions that best aligns with their knowledge and giving others an opportunity to other participants to respond (Jones, 2017). The organization can take advantage of such an opportunity to reflect on the problems in the organization and give data that is suitable for a range of problems.
Sampling Design
The sample would integrate participants from different levels of the organization including workers, management and customers. The sample would be selected randomly both from the organization workers and the customers.
The study sample will be selected randomly and will consist of 80 people to represent the company. Although sample selection is a complex process, it is important to select a sample that is representative of the organization without posing other challenges like resource constraints. It is important to select an optimal size that helps answer the study questions adequately. Sample size will be selected based on cost, time, and convenience of deriving reliable and sufficient information that can be used for the research (Jeyanthi, 2018). The sample size will be determined through previous experience that will lead to low confidence interval. The sample collected will then be tested using statistical tests to determine its validity. An estimate will be obtained from the selected sample using target variance.
Questionnaire Design
Before a questionnaire design is determined, it is important to conduct a pilot test on few members from the target population to get insights on how they think about the research question and their understanding of the topic. This is an important step because it lays a foundation on how the respondents will react to the research questions (Krosnick, 2018).
The sample questions are outlined below:
* What are your views about the impact of online

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