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Should Concealed Weapons be allowed on Colleges? (Essay Sample)


THIS ESSAY ASKED THE WRITET TO WRITER AN ESSAY ON "Should Concealed Weapons be allowed on Colleges?"


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Should Concealed Weapons be allowed on Colleges?
Whether or not to control violence and attacks in colleges by allowing carrying of concealed weapons in colleges have become a debate of nowadays. Although it is viewed a good strategy, concealed weapons can be too dangerous in colleges. Students, workers, and professors should not carry concealed weapons on campuses because they increase the likelihood of crime in colleges.
Administrators and safety officers in the campus oppose having guns on campuses. “95% of university presidents, 94% of faculties in universities, and 79% of all college students oppose carrying of guns on campuses” (Myers). Only 5% of police chiefs in campuses thinks that allowing guns on campuses will prevent a mass shooting. Allowing these weapons on colleges cannot reduce mass shooting because it places where firearms are permitted are always the primary target for the attackers (Webster et al. 11). People with guns will rarely stop rampage shooting because they become defenseless due to legal restrictions guiding the carrying of firearms in public places and lack of sufficient training in responding to a mass shooting. Also, during attacks, it takes the police twice effort to distinguished armed students from the armed assailants. The confusion during such a situation makes attackers sneak out without being arrested.
Responding to active shooters requires the ability to make the right decisions, significant training, and being able shoot accurately under challenging circumstances. The brains of college students are still developing, and it is hard for them to have good judgment and control, which is vital in the prevention of mass shooting. Most of the student joins campuses before reaching their maturity age, and they cannot be trusted with the handling of deadly weapons. For instance, there is a possibility of a student handing over his or her gun to minor college mates who may use them to cause accidents in campuses. The young brains in campuses are associated with an increased rate of homicide offences causer by weapons in college. In campuses, there is a higher chance of violent confrontation, and availability of firearms puts many lives at risks.
Campus carrying of guns may increase chances of suicides and other violence in colleges. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins found of all gun shooting in campuses, the majority comes from interpersonal arguments at 45%, premeditated attacks at 12%, suicide at 12%, and unintentional discharges at 9% (Webster et al. 17). Professors, students, and teachers carrying guns negatively affect discourse in classrooms. For instance, students may feel uncomfortable while expressing unpopular opinions or discussing difficult topics if they are aware of firearms availability inside their classrooms. Also, teachers change how they teach upon knowing that students are holding firearms in classes they teach. The suspicions raised in classrooms increase chances of interpersonal conflicts which reduces the safety of classrooms. Aggressiveness developed from interpersonal conflicts inside classrooms may also result in an accidental release from guns and unintentional shooting inside classrooms.

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