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Importance of Avoiding Toxic People (Essay Sample)


Please write a 550 words essay on the following topic:
Importance of avoiding toxic people.


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Importance of Avoiding Toxic People
People have different life goals whose outcomes vary depending on everyday choices. One of the critical choices is the company that a person keeps and the energy obtained from interactions and relationships. Since succeeding in life requires motivation and associating with the right people, it is crucial to avoid toxic people. Toxic people can be in the form of friends, relatives, workmates, or even partners. Other forms include jealous saboteurs, malignant narcissists, and extremely selfish people. Some of these characters can be easily identified, but it can be challenging to note others and avoid them. In any case, it is important to avoid toxic people since they affect one’s health adversely, ruins thinking, and are an energy drain.
Avoiding toxic people is crucial for emotional and mental well-being. Associating with toxic people causes stress since such people conflict self-belief, and bridging individual beliefs with their beliefs requires serious mental alignment (Langer 76-78). Over time, the stress accumulates and takes a considerable toll on mental and emotional well-being. Mental instability also affects people’s physical health adversely. People may also feel irritable or lethargic and unable to use their time appropriately. Fortunately, avoiding toxic people brings an exact opposite effect. Instead of confusion and health instability, a person feels confident and happy. Eventually, a sense of freedom comes along, and everyday decision-making brings the desired effects since the person is mentally and emotionally 

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