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Goals and Interests of TESOL Discourse Community (Essay Sample)




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TESOL: The Discourse Community
A discourse community is characterized by several aspects which actually bring it together as a community. In essence, the discourse brings about the community (Boreczky and Elemér 22), a look at the shared characteristics of the discourse community will aid in understanding and appreciating its essence. In contrast to speech communities, a discourse community is neutral in regard to its terms of medium and it is not constrained when it comes to time and space. This is unlike a speech community whose only bond is speech and thus a discourse community becomes a rather special group of interest.
One of the major aspects of interest in the discourse community is its communal interests. That is to mean, the discourse .community is characterized by shared goals and interests which are common and binds the community together. According to Cortese and Anna (32), in order to achieve these goals, the community has to establish means of communication between its members which it uses to enhance intercommunication. These means range from meetings, telecommunications among others. Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), encompasses the aspects of commonality and 

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