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Epistemology:The process of studying any source of knowledge (Essay Sample)


Epistemology:The process of studying any source of knowledge


Student’s Name: Tutors Name: Course: Date: Epistemology The name epistemology refers to the process of studying any source of knowledge. As illustrated by the definition above, the main focus of the essay is to research on a given source and hence establish the relevance of the source to a given type of information. Knowledge generally entails the ability to understand a certain concept, and grasp the facts that make up the backbone of a given discipline of interest. In the current society, the availability of information is not restricted to specific avenues as most people have access to numerous channels that have made knowledge an essential factor that defines most people to date. The following essay therefore focuses on a previously written essay and hence seeks to establish the grounds on which most arguments were made, and whether they are reliable or generally compromise the credibility of the essay. Secondly, it seeks to establish the outline of the previously presented work, the alignment of facts, and refute any possibility of inconsistency in the information presented. In reference to the presented information on the various ways of using contraceptives among male students, the source of the knowledge incorporated in the completion of the paper varied from different sources. To date, (Vartanian, 2011) illustrates that the source of most information is readily available among many people in the current society. Basing on the fact that the lack of contraceptives or generally the ignorance associated with the approach that many people have towards contraceptives can be fatal, most agencies concerned with the wellbeing of many college students have created awareness meant to safeguard such parties from experiencing such occurrences. Therefore, many concerned agencies raging from the institutions themselves, the course work in school, the companies distributing the contraceptives have come up with a variety of avenues to reach the concerned parties, either in the quest for profits or improving the production of the involved students. Most of the information used in the essay was derived from secondary sources such as books and journals which have refutable information that discloses the entire approach to the topic. Due to the nature of the topic, the approach to the information is highlighted in different forms which are meant to ease the process through which most people access the information. As illustrated above, the nature of the topic was highly sensitive and therefore the involved agencies considering the target population have also used the internet to relay their information. In the current society, moral degradation and total disregard of most issues that are considered essential have resulted to people approaching different methods (Gliner & Morgan, 2000). Therefore, some of the information used was from a prior encounter with the topic, which is introduced in every institution to ensure t

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