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FICTION STORY ABOUT CORONA VIRUS. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


you may start the story with Chris drinking coffee while the news on tv is reporting about coronavirus. And how he didn't expect that would affect him yet he realizes he starts to have the symptoms. He is forced to transport back to the states and isolated in the hospital. You may use the first-person perspective if that helps to express inner struggle of chirs .and he eventually thinking of suicide. Please end the story with the scene of him killing himself and by the second he passed away he heard the voicemail from a doctor saying that his test result shows he got flu not coronavirus. there need to be more dramatic and poetic word choices.


Fiction Story about Corona Virus
I have never imagined the emotional and psychological trauma and that people develop after contacting coronavirus. The moment Chris believed he had contacted the coronavirus, his attitude and confidence changed adversely. He lost hope and believed his life was no longer worthwhile. I had been friends with Chris for many years and even though he confided in me through his personal and psychological struggles. For some reason, he thought that I would never understand his medical situation. I would call, but he would prefer having conversations over phone calls to meeting me in person. Many people have treated coronavirus with stigma, which according to Chris, meant people would treat him differently – even his loved ones. Consequently, he avoided social contacts and resolved to solitude.
It all started when we visited a local restaurant for coffee one evening. The news about coronavirus had taken the whole world by storm. Any form of the disease’s symptoms alarmed people. I remember many people avoided handshakes and sharing objects, especially foodstuffs. News about the disease, which healthcare professionals had started treating as an epidemic, came to air is many television stations every single hour. As we sat taking coffee, breaking news aired on the television informing the viewer of the new developments. The announcer disclosed that new cases have been recorded in local healthcare institutions and advised people to be more vigilant.

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