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Film for this was The Black Atlantic 1500-1800 (Essay Sample)

The task is about the film The Black Atlantic 1500-1800) source..
Student name Teacher Name Class Name 4 February 2014 (Film for this was The Black Atlantic 1500-1800) People often view slavery as an American or European institution, as if had first originated in these Western civilizations, but nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Henry Gates’ exploration into these historical issues and his meticulous documentation and interviews of people that are descendants of slaves and landowners brings home the reality of these problems. Exceeding numbers of historical, social, culture and economic impacts that slavery has brought to the United States are continually seen, and the film brings these contributions and sufferings to life through example. The Black Atlantic: 1500 – 1800 gives us an insightful investigation into the root causes and beginnings of slavery, its impact on American culture and society, as well as many of the hardships faced by slaves in all time periods. Primarily, it is important to recognize the initial developments of slavery. Figures such as Juan Garrido or Esteban the Moor are past examples of great, free black men: one that had journeyed with Cortez and one that had travelled 15,000 miles throughout America, respectively. However, with the establishment of colonies such as the 1619 Jamestown, Virginia which were heavily dependent on slave labor to produce for a lucrative tobacco industry, slavery quickly morphed from a casual, informal interaction, as with Anthony Johnson, into a rigid, formal system aimed at acquiring massive amounts of free labor. It is important to note that slavery did not originate as a British concept, the British were simply modeling the already lucrative economies of Lima, Mexico City, or Havana that relied on slave labor as well. In fact, slavery shockingly practiced most by Africans themselves, who acquired slaves through war and ethnic or physical superiority. One innovation the Westerners did have upon slavery, however, was its inheritance and assignment to the quality of race. Moreover, the early trading ports of Sierra Leone in Africa eventually blossomed horribly into the institutions we see today, though not overnight. Slavery’s gradual development through time is well documented through time: through 10 year old Priscilla’s 1756 arrival on the Ball plantation in The Hare to the gruesome conclusion of the rebellion beginning from Stono River to the 2013 celebrations of Mardi Gras and Priscilla’s own descendants who embrace unique culture through food and music. Accompanying all of these events is a cruel fate for the slaves. Priscilla was forced to work in rice field rife with snakes and malarial mosquitoes: where running away was punished with amp...
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