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the last day of my life (Essay Sample)

The last day of my life source..
Name Tutor Course Date The Last Day of my Life Introduction The last day of one’s life could probably be the worst day ever. At the same time, it could also be the best thing that occurs to an individual. I would confidently give the reasons behind my argument by stating categorically without fear of contradiction that my last day would be the worst day of my life since it would be a day of parting with what I love, what I value and what makes me very happy. I would terribly miss each and every moment of my life. Conversely, this last day would be a good one since it would be a day of parting with all the disappointments on earth, all my shortcomings, all stress and all the negativities of this life on earth. The first attribute that I would associate the last day of my life with is profound confusion. It is obvious that facing death would raise a lot tension and chaos since I would be leaving behind a lot of material wealth together with people that depend on me entirely. This means that there would be a lot of arguments trying to come up with an amicable solution concerning how my property will be divided among the people I have stated in my will (Segal & Hanna 68). The last day of my life would also be a day of celebration especially for my all-time foes who long for my suffering day in day out. It is very unfortunate that one has to make enemies in this life not because of weird personality but because envy is the main reason why foes exist. However terrible my life would be, it is obvious that my enemies would be delighted to learn of my death. Despite the fact the people who love and care about me would be mourning uncontrollably, my foes would be celebrating as if I deserve death more than anyone else. Talking about the economic part of my last day, it wouldn’t be vague to refer the day as my economic dooms day. This is because in spite of how hardworking I might be in money making, the last day of my life would be the end of my active participation in income generation. There could be benefits that my family could benefit from the job I did while alive. It is crucial to note that such benefits cannot exist forever. As long as I am not alive, the income I generate will never be the same again (Segal & Hanna 71). The last day of my life makes the dreams, goals and mission that I had in...
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