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Impact of Environment on Health Outcome Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Answer the following questions (at least 5-7 sentences each question)
1. Sociologist Dr. Williams stated that: “Sometimes we naively think that we can improve health by simply changing behaviors, but the choices of individuals are often limited by the environment in which they live." What do you think he means by this? Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Williams? Provide examples from the video to support your answer.
2. A key message of this video is place matters: where we live determines our health and life outcomes. Reflect on specific examples that you saw in this video. How does knowing this information help inform your work with clients in HUS?
3. In the video, someone stated: "Low income communities are used to not having power so they don't realize that they can have power." In this video we saw community members organized and worked together to achieve change. As a helper, reflect on what you learned from or what stood out most to you about this process (e.g., what did the community members do to be heard, what change did they fight for, how they achieved their goals).
4. Reflect on something you took away or learned from this video. How can you apply this to your work with clients in HUS?


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Impacts of Environment on Health Outcomes
The assertion that health outcomes are more dependent on environmental factors than on personal choices is true. It is based on an understanding that the choices that individuals make are highly reliant on the environment within which they exist. The types of foods that they consume, the kind of exercise that they can engage in and the quality of housing, transport and other social amenities are all reliant on that environment (Watterson 988). All these factors are determinants of the quality of life that individuals lead, and the quality of life is a determinant of health outcomes. The video shows the disparities in the quality of life between people from less affluent neighborhoods and that of those from more affluent neighborhoods. Health outcomes are also disproportionate among people from those neighborhoods.
Ms. Sandra Witt states in the video that the life expectancy of an African American child born to a low income family in the less affluent Oakland Flatlands is 15 years less than that of a white child born in the more affluent Oakland Hills. The indication is that the quality of life that an individual leads is determined 

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