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Instagram is a Drug Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The instructions of this paper were to write an essay elaborating on why instagram is a drug. This essay therefore elaborates more on the given topic by bringing out the negative impacts of instagram. it also discusses instagram's addictive nature which significantly contributes to the topic of the essay.


Instagram is a Drug
Instagram is a drug because it is very addictive and can lead to insanity among many people, especially the youth. Instagram is a popular app for sharing photos that most people regard as the worst among all social media platforms, for associated addiction and aftermath due to its continued use. Although Instagram has some benefits, its associated limitations outcompete them (Khajeheian 49). Therefore, it is adequately arguable that Instagram is a drug due to the adverse effects that can potentially lead to addiction among users. This paper builds more on the topic of whether Instagram is a drug. It develops this topic by mostly focusing on the adverse effects that Instagram brings on its users.
Instagram is among the leading social media channels that cause depression, bullying, sleep disorders, and anxiety, among other problems. Some of its users have also argued that it encourages and promotes body shaming. Instagram has features such as photo-editing and filters, which have a significant effect of blurring the gap between an individual's reel and real life. Most users of Instagram often face bullying, which results in severe episodes of depression and anxiety (KIM and Han 112). Some of them even consider committing suicide due to the psychological trauma they face due to the social media channel.

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