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Multigenre Presentation Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)




Multigenre Presentation
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Multigenre Presentation
The society we are living in today is full of drama, and the people are using Genre is a type of art or music, or even literature typically characterized by various unique styles, formats, and even form. Musicians, poet, and writers use various forms and styles so that their work can be appealing to the reader, and even whoever the person might come across, it will get attracted to it. There are various types of fiction, fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, comedy, and mystery, among many others. The genre displays or portrays a wide range of creativity used by the writer or even the poet.
In Snow white and seven dwarf tale typically explain how the princess beauty made her step mother the vain Queen who plot to kill beautiful Snow white by use of witches. Then Manshunt tell the beautiful princess about the plan her mother-in -law has towards her and they plan to cheat the Queen and made some plans. They slaughtered a pig and manhunt brought a heart belonging to a pig and the beautiful ran away to the woodlands where she has been staying with the seven dwarfs. This genre in real sense portrays how the society is full of hatred and envious even to those people who are close to you. Through the witchcraft deals, the society is full of evil things. Contrary to that, there are still some good people within the society who are always around to save and help you

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