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The Little Match Girl (Essay Sample)


The essay was to be 500 to 600 words and written using MLA style.
The writer was to include a Works Cited page in MLA style, the short story as one source.
and then add at least one source from your library research.
The writer was to demonstrate their ability to find, evaluate, and synthesize secondary sources and to offer insights, draw conclusions, and reflect upon what impact the topic has on
human beings and civilization.
The writer was to discuss any three of the literary elements: style, tone, plot, characters, point of view, symbolism in the short story.
they could also discuss any of the critical thinking ideas: human nature, wisdom, truth, justice,
freedom, or virtue. This sample meets all requirements


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Analysis: The Little Match Girl
 “The Little Match Girl” is a captivating story revolving around a small girl who experiences neglect and poverty. The little girl's parents send her to earn money by selling matches. However, when she’s unable to sell the matches; she chooses to freeze to death rather than going home because she is afraid of her abusive father. Symbolism such as the match, the shooting star, and the little girl's hair helps a reader understand the narrator's third person point of view and, makes the story interesting.
In “The Little Match Girl," Hans Christian Andersen uses various instances of symbolism. Firstly, the match demonstrates warmth and comfort. For example, when the little girl is cold, she takes one and feels like she was in front of a larger stove. When the little girl lights a match, she imagines a better life; thus they are a source of solace and comfort. Secondly, Andersen uses the shooting star to 

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