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Oedipus Complex by Freud (Essay Sample)


Next, follow the directions provided below and draft a four-six page essay. (Please Note: Your Works Cited page does not count as part of the page count requirement. Therefore, if the introduction, body, and conclusion of your essay is four pages, your Works Cited page would be page 5).
First, using the LCCC Databases: EBSCO, Proquest, Gale et al. research the life of the famous Austrian neurologist and psychologist Sigmund Freud. Because literature is the study of human nature, Freud often developed many of his theories about human development and human behavior after he had read a famous short story, novel, or play. One of his most famous and most controversial theories is the Oedipus complex he created while reading this play. Read the famous interpretation of this play by Sigmund Freud on pg. 1276. In your paper, research Freud, and include some brief but pertinent information about what you learned about his interesting life. Next, briefly explain the famous Oedipus complex Freud created after reading this play. Do you agree with Freud's theory? Last, thoroughly discuss this question: What are your feelings about Oedipus at the end of the play? Use textual evidence in the form of paraphrases and quotes to support your assertions: examples from the play.


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Oedipus Complex by Freud
Life of Sigmund Freud
The century's most famous psychologist was also a major and controversial thinker in philosophy. The Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, born in 1856, is frequently considered "the founder of contemporary psychology (Jones 23)." Freud radically altered the way mental illness was viewed and treated. Psychoanalysis, which Freud developed, involves paying attention to and learning about a patient's mental processes. The legacy of psychoanalysis is still felt strongly in contemporary psychology and psychiatry. Sigmund Freud's ideas and writings have influenced contemporary perspectives on many topics, including dreams; memory; early development; sexuality; personality; and therapy. Additionally, several other theorists built upon Freud's work to establish their beliefs, while others created counter-theories.
Freud's scientific background remained crucial to his job, if not in his mind. His "Entwurf einer Psychologie" and other works make his determination to ground his psychological theories in the tangible world clear (Jones 24). This shows Freud's multilayered obligation to the knowledge of his day, as a mechanistic neurophysiological paradigm contested with a more organismic, evolutionary one.
He developed psychoanalysis as a philosophy of the mind, a treatment for its diseases, and a lens through which to understand society and culture. Long after Freud's death, and in fields far adrift from psychology as it is usually comprehended, his work cast an effective enchantment despite widespread criticism, intended refutation, and qualification (Jones 12). If, as the American

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