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Loneliness Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The essay is a definition essay giving personal commentary on loneliness


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We have all experienced a situation where we feel that we miss human interaction, which may lead to a greater level of sadness. Well, loneliness creeps in many ways. The term loneliness refers to a state of being in solitude or without people CITATION Mer20 \l 1033 (Merriam Webster). Loneliness is however more than that. Notably, not all times that we sit alone guarantees a lonely feeling. Moreover, one can be at a party full of people and still be lonely. Loneliness comes from the desire to have someone by you and not just anybody, but someone who understands you.
Loneliness stems from a place of inadequacy. A teenager who does not have friends may be considered an outcast and develops feelings of inadequacy. Such a teenager may shy off from meeting others and become withdrawn. They will start feeling lonely. On the opposite spectrum, we have a superstar, a renowned musician. People praise him both on and off stage and he is always surrounded by individuals (Stein, Jacob, and Rivka 210). However, when he heads home, he has no one to share his deepest secrets with or to share his life experiences. The celebrated musician feels that he lacks something, the breeding feeling of inadequacy. He becomes lonely. In both instances, loneliness is developed and grows more with the feeling of lacking something that makes one complete.

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