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Luo Submission (Essay Sample)

The research paper was about the thoughts and beliefs of confusius source..
Name Instructor Course Date Luo Submission The Analects of Confucius The book is insistent that man must distribute love for his pets and parents at equal intensity. Besides, it calls for people to get educated as much as possible to better themselves and also the need to exercise teamwork, good governance, unselfishness, and empathy to promote moral virtues. However, the book is chauvinistic in nature because the author addressed the issues of sons only and forgot daughters, both of which are important people in the society. Three Kingdoms The gleams at the feudal lords and their retainer, explaining further the need of using strategy during wars as it made fighter victorious. I am convinced by the comments that war can be fruitful or disastrous to people. However, it is ironical that the book explained the importance of democracy at the time when the Han dynasty used brutality to threaten the people. There was no democracy! The Inner Quarters: The Marriage and Lives of Chinese Women in the Sung Period The book empowers women to contribute to the society despite the chauvinism that existed at that time. This was sarcastic because widows were being discouraged from getting married again. The Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion The book described how life was in China before it was invaded by the Mongol. I see the Mongols as brutal people though they contributed something to the economy and culture of the Chinese of today. China's Examination Hell Ichisida applauded the examination system of China. The exams were tough and encouraged students to study hard and thus China has developed that much. It is agreeable to me considering that China is presently rivaling the USA on political and economic platforms. Genghis Khan Khan conquered the worl...
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