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The Differences between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantages (Essay Sample)


An annotated bibliography on The Differences between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantages


The Differences between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantages
Reid, Rachel O., et al. “The roles of cost and quality information in Medicare Advantage plan enrollment decisions: an observational study.” Journal of general internal medicine 31.2 (2016): 234-241.
In this insightful peer-reviewed research article, the authors capitalize their research study on the background of facilitating informed decision-making in the entirety of Medicare advantages. The fundamental mission of this perceptive study was assessing the connection that occurs between Medicare Advantage plan and its resultant brand market share as well as its decisions on the enrolment of beneficiaries. The study utilized a 2011 nationwide “cross-sectional” analysis that constituted 847,069 beneficiaries that enrolled in a specified Medicare Advantage plan for their maiden time. The conclusion from the research study indicated that beneficiaries demonstrated a higher preference for Medicare Plans that cost minimally. The marginal utility for excellent quality Medicare Plans reduced at greater star ratings. Their decisions also showed a correlation with the plans that the brand market share had. The deduction from this study is, therefore, the description of the costs and the quality information’s role in the enrollment decisions of a Medicare Advantage Plan.
Brockett, Patrick L., Linda L. Golden, and Charles C. Yang. “Potential “Savings” of Medicare: The Analysis of Medicare Advantage and Accountable Care Organizations.” North American Actuarial Journal 22.3 (2018): 458-472.

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