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Position/Argument Essay. The People are the True Wealth of Nation (Essay Sample)


Essay Three
Position/Argument Essay
Choose a debatable topic for Essay Three about which there must be an essay in The Norton
Reader discussing the topic and of which you have some knowledge. Essay Three must be an
original essay of about 3-4 pages which takes a position on your topic and defends your position
to a general audience of intelligent but skeptical readers through your own analysis and credible
secondary sources’ works. An example: The topic of the insolating effect of technology using
Sherry Turkle’s essay “Connected but Alone.” This essay suggests needing articles from
secondary sources on subjects like artificial intelligence, texting rather than talking, interpersonal
skills, and studies on human reliance on technology like Siri and GoogleHome.
At least two articles from the databases are required as they become evidence for your
argument, but more sources are welcome from the Internet or print books and journals if they
help support your position. As you work, provide reasons to demonstrate the logic of your
thinking and incorporate evidence to support your points. You should use your sources to
support your position, but use these secondary sources sparingly. Your Turnitin originality report
should not exceed 25 percent of borrowed material.
Here are some key features of a position argument:
 A clear and arguable position: At the heart of every argument is a thesis or claim with which
reasonable people could disagree. State your thesis clearly—usually at the end of your intro par.
 Necessary background information: Sometimes we need to provide some background on a
topic so that readers can understand what is being argued.
 In your introduction, be careful to avoid alienating readers who may be in initial disagreement
with your views.
 Good reasons: By itself, a position does not make an argument; the argument comes when a
writer offers reasons to support the position.
 Convincing evidence: It’s one thing to give reasons for your position. You then need to offer
evidence for your reasons – facts, statistics, expert testimony, anecdotal evidence, case studies,
textual evidence.
 Appeals to readers’ values and emotions
 A trustworthy tone: Show that you know what you’re talking about, that you have some
experience with your subject, that you’re fair, and of course that you’re honest.
 Careful consideration of other positions: No matter how reasonable and careful we are in
arguing our positions, others may disagree or hold other positions. We need to consider those
other views and to acknowledge and, if possible, refute them in our written arguments.
 If you quote from a source or use information from a source that is not common knowledge,
cite it with an 8th ed. MLA in-text citation and include the source in a list of works cited at the
end of the paper.


The People are the True Wealth of Nation
World economies experience turmoil in varied measure. With current phenomena such as the economic reorganisation of Europe in the backdrop of Brexit, the real meanings of wealth, economy and riches to a nation stand to be re-examined and given new meaning. At the same time, developed countries are struggling to keep their populations up through policies that encourage families to have more children. Alternatively, they import labor from other countries. To this, it stands to be argued that the people of a country, despite its economic predispositions and natural resource endowment, are the true wealth of a nation.
A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift offers a form of economic treatise which proposes a way for Ireland to ameliorate poverty through the selling of the children of the poor to the rich as food (Eastman, Arthur, Blake, and English, 756). While the proposal appears bizarre, the satirical proposal recognises that power of the people in the economy of a country. 

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