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“One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Essay Sample)


You need to read: One Hundred Years of Solitude/assignment.
Write 4 double-spaced pages and discuss your points with references to specific examples in the novel (cited words). The idea is to present an argument and to support your position by referring to specific examples in the novel. Your answer should have a thesis statement that presents the main point of your argument or answer. In your assignment, you should then develop the main idea and support your position with examples from the novel.


“One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
The novel one hundred years of solitude is considered one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's most pleasing works. Further, the novel is about a fictional town in Columbia known as Macondo. It also explores the rise and fall of the town's founders, known as the Buendia family. There are several great ideas that Marquez uses in the story making it an impeccable piece of work. One of the ideas presented in the novel is gender identity. Gender identity refers to one's conception as a male or female. Generally, gender identity is intimately related to gender roles, often described as outward personality manifestations that reveal gender identity.
Masculinity and femininity are two vital concepts that are characteristic of gender identity in the novel. Therefore, Marquez uses masculinity and femininity to describe male and female character traits in which the characters can be classified as either feminine or masculine. Nevertheless, high masculinity infers to the absence of femininity. Patriarchy is a conclusion established about gender identity as indicated in the novel in Latin American representation of masculinity and femininity.

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