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Rhetorical Analysis Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please read the attached files for more pieces of information.
The text I choose to analyze is: Sherry Turkle “The Flight from Conversion” 135


Rhetorical Analysis
"The Flight from Conversation" is written by Sherry Turkle, where she assesses the impact of modern technology and its effects of actual conversation. It remains clear that the impact of technology cannot be overemphasized in modern society. Her overriding opinion is that human beings' overreliance on technology continues to affect much-needed face-to-face communication, which is essential in the establishment of interpersonal relationships. Turkle is in a mission to persuade the young and the middle age people that the obsession with technology will cause them to lose the skills needed to communicate in a public setting. Through the use of various rhetorical devices, including ethos, pathos, and logos, Turkle seeks to explore the role of technology in limiting conventional conversations.
The author begins her work by making her ideas clear when she says that communication is one of the most fundamental human characteristics. Her primary assumption, however, is that humans have sacrificed communication for the sake of connection. For any author willing to persuade the readers to buy into a particular point of view, it is crucial to begin by establishing a sense of ethos, which basically refers to asserting one's sense of credibility. In doing so, Turkle narrates, “Over the past fifteen years, I’ve studied technologies of mobile connection and talked to hundreds of people of all ages and circumstances about their plugged-in lives” (p. 135). Other than creating a sense of credibility, it also helps to decipher the target audience the author seeks to influence. It also overemphasizes the assumption that technology has adversely affected every human’s means of communication.

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