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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a minimum of 700 words
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The Feminine Mystique
In her work, The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan describes a problem that she says has no name. She describes the life of a typical American woman in the 20th century. She explains how her life was determined by what society defined her for a man. Friedman says that the woman's life and purpose of life revolved around making children, taking care of her husband, and making the hoe lively. Even though there were earlier reforms and campaigns to prompt more girls to go to school, the situation did not change forever. Friedman explains how the American woman's life evolved over the years in the 20th century, and what women did to appear more beautiful and feminine (Friedan, pg. 16). She writes to the general public, and vividly describes the problem that women faced even though it has no name. Her goal is to educate the reader and make him or her empathize with women's situations. The writer has used the ethos, pathos, and logos in proper proportion in the article to appeal to the reader's logic, emotions, and ethics. This is vital to make the reader understand what she is writing about.

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