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Sarah McLachlan Angel song Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Go to youtube and find Sarah McLachlan Angel song and how it changed DarrylMcDaniels life. Analyze this song and discuss why you like it
MLA Style in 3 pages with in text citations


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Sarah McLachlan Angel song and how it changed Darryl McDaniels life
“Angel” is an iconic song written and sang by a musician by the name Sarah McLachlan. In the year 1998, it was released and ranked top five in Billboard charts. She revealed that it was inspired by a heroin drug addict called Jonathan Melvoin who was also a musician. His death in 1996 caused by drug overdose was published by Rolling Stone where Sarah read his story later after two years and felt some connection that prompted her to write ‘Angel” song within a few hours. To add, this song prevented Darryl McDaniels plans of committing suicide because of his battle with depression just after he listened to it several times. This paper will analyze this song and discuss why I like it. Moreover, I will analyze and explain why I like McDaniels’s story.
From my point of view, the song “Angel” is among the most inspiring songs and it can be interpreted in different ways despite its original symbolism of drug addiction. It gained popularity as many people related it with their bad experiences or challenges in the past or present. For instance, some people equated the song with rape, death, depression, anxiety, sickness, etc. and it brings emotions of sadness to many. In contrast, the term angel is commonly referring to something or someone caring and loving that can be related to a big treasure. However, as it is used in the song, it does not directly portray a message about a real angel’s characteristics. In this case, an “angel” symbolizes an addict’s drugs used repeatedly that is why she quotes “You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie, you are in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort.” This message means that a person who is suffering from the damage of hallucinations and so much addicted should find remedies to get over the addiction. However, I disliked this song because it has too much focus on the thoughts of the addicts and not the “angel” who is drugs.

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