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Sociology of culture (Essay Sample)

Sociology of culture source..
(Your name) (Instructor's name) (Class) (Date) Sociology studies Sociology of culture Sociology of culture It is important to cite the definition of sociology, which states that sociology is the study of human social behavior and its origins, development, organization, and institution (simmel 324). A social science uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to generate a body of knowledge about human social actions, social structures and function. Therefore, sociology of culture is a broad topic degenerated from sociological studies (slattery 57). Sociology of culture means the beliefs, ways of life, art, and customs shared and accepted by people in a particular society. Sociology of culture is also a very broad study supported by research conducted by sociologists who try to explain cultural practices of different ethnicities. Sociology of culture has many dynamics, for instance, in a group, the attitudes and beliefs about something that is shared by a particular group of people or in a particular organization constitutes sociology of culture (Gartell 2). Example is that every government department has its own particular culture and changing corporate culture is a long and difficult process. most sociologists focus on research that may be applied directly to social policy and welfare while others focus on refining theoretical understanding of social processes. The subject matter in cultural sociology ranges from micro level of individual agency and interaction to macro level of systems and social structures hence it is evidence based that cultural studies fall in the category of sociology (simmel 324). Considering both positivism and anti-positivism nature of the study, then a conclusion is drawn and the study cited as a sociological study. There are so many sources pointing out evidence of the study as a sociological study. Among these sources, some are credible and others though informative, are not categorized credible (Ashley 241). An article in a peer-reviewed journal written by someone in the field of sociology One of the journals that supports the study of cultural sociology state that people in the world come from an ethnic background, whether if the ethnicity is white American, African American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanics experiences and perceptions re[present the values and decisions that are made in their lives. The journal is listed below. Mencken, F. Carson, Christopher Bader, and Elizabeth Embry. "Hundred Years of Sociology: A Concise History of the Major Figures, Ideas, and Schools of Sociological Thought." Sociological Perspectives 51(2):135-58. This is a peer-reviewed journal. Authors have submitted most of its published articles for review by experts who are not part of the editorial staff. A peer-reviewed journal refers to a journal, which, the articles it contains have been examined by people with credentials in the article field of study before it is published. After review, the editor receives back the journal from the...
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