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The Soul Unto Itself by Emily Dickinson (Essay Sample)


discuss Dickson’s “The Soul unto itself” (683), how a soul can be a “friend” or “spy”, and how it might “secure against its own”. In the essay, explain the author’s background that leads to the idea of the soul differing from oneself and the experiences related to her notion that the soul can be a friend or spy.


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“The Soul unto itself” (683) by Emily Dickinson
In "The Soul unto Itself" (683), Emily Dickinson imagines her soul is separate from herself as she explores how the soul relates to itself. Soul refers to the spiritual part of a living being and can take multiple dimensions, such as relating to the essence of a being. Believed to have been written at the height of the Civil War, Dickson's attempt to identify the relationship between the soul and itself resonates with her experiences as she witnessed it. The poem explicitly shows her mind's division between the political issues of the Civil War and philosophical issues of self. This paper will discuss Dickson’s “The Soul unto itself” (683), how a soul can be a “friend” or “spy”, and how it might “secure against its own”.
In the poem, Dickson explores the relationship between body, mind and soul through various angles, including curiosity and ewe. She examines the internal relationship through a narrow view to identifying the division that exists using words and phrases like “friend,” “spy,” and “enemy” to highlight the mind statehood and espionage (Dickson St. 1). The soul’s 

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