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My Takeaways from the Webinar 'Resilience, Strength, and Creating Positive Change in ECE' (Essay Sample)


Professional Learning Reflection Webinar . A self reflection of the skills gotten from the webinar and their usefulness. the reflection examines the valuable skills and knowledge gained from attending the webinar session. the reasons for the attendance and how the skills will be used are also examined.


First name Last name
Instructor’s Name
Course Number
Professional Learning Reflection Webinar 1
Name of workshop/Seminar:

Resilience, Strength, and Creating Positive Change in ECE

Date you completed the workshop:


Web Link to the workshop:

What prompted you to attend this session?
I wanted to learn more about ways of building a resilient society in ECE and enhancing a positive move as far as change is concerned.

Briefly describe 5 skills, ideas or understandings that you have taken away from this session:

1 Positive change can be realized if all accept to be vulnerable. That is expressing feelings without having to fake anything.

2 We can build on our strengths by dealing fearlessly with our anxieties, and the depressions in life. Seeking guidance helps us snatch our minds from the silent torture of depression and discomforts.

3 To build on resilience as a society, acceptance is key. Accepting our situations makes us strong enough to deal with them successfully.

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