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Problems Faced In Teaching Oral Literature In The 21St Century (Essay Sample)


Problems faced in teaching oral literature in the 21st century

Problems faced in teaching oral literature in the 21st century
When teaching oral literaure, the experience comes with a lot of problems .These problems are associated with different factors which are important to consider as our understanding of them makes the study worthwhile. It is in this regard that we endeavor to get deeper into the issue. This is important as it makes a teacher well equipped in the practice of disseminating oral literature to students .A teacher who is well versed in this gets an easy time as they are able to control such problems and curb them in the most appropriate ways, with such, they are able to refine their teaching in a way that is acceptable. This also makes them fit in education and literature teaching.
First of all, there is a problem when it comes to the enthusiasm of the learner. A learner (s) may not have the zeal to study oral literature. This is considering the fact that we are in the 21st century. This is the modern age where children may be brought up in area where we have western influence. This greatly affects the zeal of the learners in a great way, that they tend to find oral literature boring and not worth being studied. This is makes a teacher lack extrinsic motivation. With this in mind, they may never teach the learners well, as some are not willing to learn, thus unresponsive in class.
Another problem that is based on the learner being generally weak in language .When learners are weak in language, they lack intrinsic motivation. This makes the learning meaningless. This directly creates an attitude towards all aspects of English study, especially English and literature. This is also tragic as a teacher faces hard time in explanation of ideas .This is because some are nor even embedded into the minds of the learners. Weakness in language makes the learners concentrate more in other aspects of study, and other disciplines.
We also have the problem of lack of appreciation on the genres that a teacher is teaching. A teacher may be teaching proverbs, yet a learner does not see the sense of passing knowledge through such means .This may be due to different factors, which may be even due to those outside classroom setting. The problem may even be the social setup. If it does not recognize a genre, this is also culminated into the learner, that they find it not necessary to study it. Appreciation is important as it makes learners be able to raise the ante in manner of comprehension and liking of a given genre and area of study. This poses the teacher to more complicated problem of trying to instill sense into the learners that they are able to learn in an enabling environment, even in manner of literary appreciation.
Another problem is inability of a learner to understand and comprehend what a teacher is teaching. This is also another aspect of intrinsic motivation that makes a teacher face difficulty in teaching. This comes in when we are considering other aspects of learning oral literature, and also differentiation of the different genres that we have. Once a learners gets to kn...
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