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The Rival Film by Bergen Comm college (Essay Sample)

THE TASK INVOLVED Brief summarIZING film, highlightING its main ideas. WritING personal opinion about film . Here is a link for film: THE SAMPLE IS ALL ABOUT RIVARY source..
Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course The Rival Film by Bergen Comm college Date The film revolves around two young lovers, Lydia and Absolute. Lydia in the play appears to be more focused in reading. She reads novels of the time and desires logic, romantic love. To the court, Captain Absolute fakes his identity to be Ensign Beverley. Captain Absolute is a poor army officer. Lydia is determined by the decision to marry a poor soldier inspire the objection of her guardians Mrs Malaprop. Mrs Malaprop appears to be a moralistic widow; she sends love letters to Lucius. Mrs Malaprop is the chief comic figure of the play; she uses words that are ironic. Lydia has two suitors: Acres and Sir Lucius. Sir Lucius who uses the name Delia pays Lucy to carry love notes to Lydia but Lucy hoaxes him. Sir Anthony suddenly arrives at the Bath. He asks Mrs Malaprop to convince Lydia to accept his son hand in marriage. But Absolute, Sir Anthony son demurs that he is already in love. Sir Anthony and Absolute quarrel but later on, Absolute learns through Lucy and Fag that the marriage proposed by Sir Anthony is with Lydia. Absolute thereafter becomes submissive to his Father and is later presented to Lydia by Mrs Malaprop. Absolute then reveals to Lydia that he is only posing as Sir Anthony’s son. Lydia annoys Mrs Malaprop by professing her love affection to “Beverly.” Faulkland is in love with Julia. Faulkland suffers from jealousy and suspicion towards his love for Julia. Faulkland and Julia quarrel foolishly, making high-flown speeches about true love. Acres tell Sir Lucius that Beverly is courting Lydia. Lucius gets angry and challenges Acres to kill Beverly. Acres then write a challenge note to send to “Beverly. “ Absolute enters and Acres tells him about his intention. Absolute agree to deliver the note to “Beverly” but refuses to second Acre. Mrs Malaprop again presents Absolute to Lydia, but this time accompanied by sir Anthony revealing Absolute as “Beverly”. Lydia is enraged by the puncturing of her love dream and spurns Absolute contemptuously. Sir Lucius also learned of the proposed marriage of Absolute and Lydia and determine to challenge him as well. Lucius meets Absolute who was suffering from Lydia’s Rejection and agrees to fight him based on no rationale. They agreed to meet at the same time as Acres was going to fight “Beverly.” At the dueling ground, Acres is reluctant to fight, but Sir Lucius has no shirking. Absolute and Faulkland arrive. Later on, Acres learnt the “Beverly “was his friend Absolute and begs off from their duel. However, Absolute was willing to fight sir Lucius and they quarrelled. Mrs Malaprop, Lydia, Julia, and Sir Anthony learns of the duel, and they all go to stop it. Sir Lucius explains the cause of the challenge. Lydia refuses Lucius connection with her and admits her affection for Absolute. Mrs Malaprop reveals herself as Delia and sir Lucius realizes that he has been hoaxed. Sir Anthony consoles ...
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