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Why television is a waste of time (Essay Sample)


My essay is on why I believe that television is a waste of time. This essay requires NO research just why I believe that television is a waste of time. This essay has to be an "argumentation essay" from an "I voice" or a "third person voice" as long as it stays consistent through out the whole essay. This essay needs to be convincing as to why I believe that TV is a waste of time and the intro paragraph should be interesting and should provide 3 examples as to why television is a waste of time and which should later be elaborated in three separate paragraphs and should not be elaborated in the intro. The intro should also include either an Anecdote, question (have you ever wondered why...?), or something unusual. The "thesis" statement needs to be at the end of the intro. There should not be any comma splices, run ons or any grammatical errors and there should not be any sentence in the essay where there is a comma alone between two independent clauses. Finally, there should be a conclusion which summarizes the whole essay. This essay needs to be between 700-710 words in MLA format double spaced. I have attached what I have done so far but needs to be way better and has to follow the instructions I have stated above which mine does not. Thank you I have attached what I have done so far (called essay topics), if you do not like it - do not use it. I will need a ROUGH DRAFT prior to the final paper please. It is a must.

Essay Topic: Television is a Waste of Time


Today in society, television is not as popular as it used to be when I was growing up. In this essay, I will be arguing my personal thoughts on why I believe that television is a waste of time and how society has changed when it comes to television and why people are not into watching television anymore.

Television is slowly becoming a ‘necessity’ that is not very often used in society anymore as most people in society are busy with work, school or on their laptops, iPad or tablets. When I say television is becoming a necessity that is not very often used anymore, what I mean by necessity in that particular context is that people do not watch television as much as they used to and sometimes their televisions would not turn on for days as I have witnessed this in my own home as well as other peoples home, people buy a television because otherwise their house would look incomplete or it would look like it’s missing something and give off a boring vibe. Basically meaning that television is more of a furniture item rather than an entertainment item.

At school or when I am at home, I usually use my laptop for everything. If I am curious about the weather, I would just go on Google and check what the weather is going to be like in Calgary and same thing goes for if I want to know what the current news is and what is happening around the world. I am not the only one in society who does this, many people enjoy using their laptops to check the weather and what is going on around the world because it is at their own convenience.

When it comes to watching my favorite shows, I would often stream online and also watch my shows at the time that is more convenient for me. I would like to have everything done for the day such as school, work, and house hold chores and just sit back and watch the shows I have downloaded in the comfort of my own bed. Also, I can watch movies and more.

Television has become less popular ever since social media and other social networking sites had gotten more attention. Children, teenagers, adults and even seniors are now addicted to social media websites such as Facebook and do not care much about television anymore because it is not what grasps their attention anymore. Anything you need to know about the world or anyone is all on Facebook. People would also much rather watch music videos on YouTube rather than watching MTV on the television and waiting so many hours for the same music video to come on again.

As more and more new technology is releasing and the internet is becoming more useful as in faster service and gets you to whatever you want to get to whether it’s to watch a show, movie or watch the news, television is becoming more and more less popular and I believe in the few years to come, most people will not even buy a television anymore as it is a waste of money and money would also be wasted when paying the Shaw and TELUS bill for the television services.

My mom is completely addicted in watching Indian dramas and the television would be on 24/7 even if she wasn’t watching it, she would hear it. Now, my mom has also became a part of the social media websites and because of social media, she has also learned how to use the laptop and her iPad and now watches all her shows at her own convenience and does not have to miss anything if she is busy. Before she though the world was going to end if the television was turned off for even one second before she discovered that she can watch it online.

In conclusion, television is a waste of time as no one ever watches it and no one has the time to watch it especially in the society we live in now. Most people would much rather use their laptops and stream online than to run home quickly from work or make their schedules revolved around the timings of their shows.

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Why television is a waste of time
Television is a popular media form in many homes and a major player in the media industry. Prior to the social media explosion in the twenty-first century, television assumed a highly regarded position among the world’s greatest inventions. Every person that could afford a television bought one despite the fact that the majority lacked an understanding of how it works. Television exists primarily for selfish reasons of using high viewer traffic to garner advertising revenue. It is a wrong way to spend time because it promotes negative consumerism, addiction and moral decadence, and unproductive and unhealthy living.
Television ensnares people in a spiraling problem where they become addicted to certain shows. People neglect their families because of apparent addiction to particular shows. For instance, some members of the same family sit without conversing with each other. Family members prioritize the television above the need to communicate with each other. Some families have several television sets to accommodate each member’s preferences. Parents waste important family time and neglect their children’s emotional needs. Children might develop emotional problems and risk seeking company and acceptance from bad company.
Television is largely responsible for promoting moral decadence in the society.It continuously exposes children and young people to violence and sex scenes. In as much as shows with sex scenes and violence may seem entertaining, they are inappropriate for children and young people. Crime dramas and soap operas have scenes that corrupt innocent minds. It robs children of their innocence and research shows that it drives them to become violent to other children and engage in sexual activity at their tender age. Watching such scenes is a waste ...
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