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Womanhood, Agency, and Violence in Literary Works (Essay Sample)


write a literary analysis that explores multiple texts through a prompt that asks you to make connections from seemingly disparate texts. Students must synthesize the texts to create an engaging discussion and formulate a thesis. Students will form interpretive judgments, think critically, and make claims within the essay by providing close analyses and explications of the texts. They will base their claims on evidence drawn primarily from texts and the literary terms/elements from class lectures.


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Womanhood, Agency and Violence
Women are seen as lesser beings hence are prone to violence even in modern society. In the ancient days, women were subjected to physical and sexual violence through human trafficking. The role of women in society has been redefined due to industrialization and urbanization. However, the biological aspects such as sexuality and beauty remain intact but continue to be a risk factor for violence such as sexual and physical violence.  Carrie is a story that reflects a girl named Carrie Whites with telekinetic powers and is brought up by a strict mother. Joyce Carol Oats also describes another woman called Connie who seems to be fantasizing about male friends most of the time. The story of Carrie and Connie reveals the themes of womanhood, agency, and violence. 
Stephen King uses Carrie Whites to describe womanhood in Carrie. One of the signs of womanhood is menstruation which starts at puberty although it varies in women. For instance, Carrie was late as she started her menstruation at the age of sixteen years (King 3). However, it was biologically and physiologically acceptable to be late. The periods start as soon as she leaves the bathroom in school as she prepared to start her morning classes. She knew very little 

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