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Research Assignment About Media Saturation And Youth Identity (Essay Sample)




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The Youth Identity and the Media
Part I
The aspect of human consumption has existed around for a substantial period of time and this has seen the society of the United States experience a sea transformation with respect to children's daily lives. In this regard, the major transition has been witnessed in which social protections, as well as an innocent culture, were shifted to commodification culture. Youths have now been subject to assaults through a proliferation surrounding marketing tactics that appears not to cease and hence resulting in the colonization of the daily lives and consciousness of youths (Linn 593). Under Disney's guidance and tutelage of other jumbo corporations, children have demonstrated an audience captive to traditional types of media, which include television, films, prints, as well as other new digitized media that have been made readily available through laptop computers, PDAs, internet, and mobile phones.
It is, therefore, undeniable that the entertainment, cultural pedagogy, and information dispersed by these mechanisms of multimedia corporations largely influence and shape the daily lives of children. In this context, the consumer culture has showcased elements of degrading ideals responsible for a happy and secure childhood (Linn 595). Therefore, a culture that is corporate-controlled distorts and exploits the desires and hopes of individuals, as well as abusing the general public benefit for their own private gains. Disney is one of the mega-corporations features in the society as among those least frightened in an effort to control the public dialogue and hence, disparage those political and critical potential needed for the sustenance of institutions responsible for maintaining the construct of democracy.
Additionally, the exposure of children to this marketing machinery that is fervent to transition them into full-grown members of the consumer society, precious time of childrenis, therefore, enlisted by the world of market defined by corporations such as "Walt Disney Company." It is also imperative to mention that the time expended in this type of world is disturbing with reports suggesting that children view at least forty thousand ads in one year on television alone.
With respect to its powerful function in the realm of media-driven communications, Disney's exercise of control regarding the modes of creating, distributing and final exchange of information is highly disproportionate, particularly to children. The change that the company underwent from once primarily catering to a crowd of kids between three and eight years with its theme parks, television shows, and animated films is now taking the lead through aggressive marketing of products for toddlers, tween, and infants. Based on its pop music that is established around “Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical,” Disney TV, video games, and websites are now made available online and thus sustaining its fans (Linn 598). Furthermore, Disney's alliance with Apple, Inc. proves that it is undoubtedly powerful in the twenty-first century.
The understanding of Disney Company and its cultural role is neither a trivial nor a simpler work as the company not only epitomizes profound and famous symbols of “capitalist consumerism,” but also asserts to provide its customers and consumers a known quantity and stable products. The company like other mega-corporations centers its efforts on popular culture and this explains its continual expansion in its services and products to get to every media platform that is available. The uniqueness of the company is

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