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Dangers of fast food (Essay Sample)


The sample is purely about the dangers of fast food

The term fast food refers to food that is prepared and served within a shorter duration. They have low preparation period (Parker, Valeìrie & Patrick, 34). Fast food consists of precooked and preheated ingredients and then packaged for sales in restaurants, kiosks and stands. The preference given to fast food stems from the modern lifestyle (Smith, 35). The modern society is moving in high speed and time is a limiting factor. People have a high affinity to fast foods to their affordability and availability. However, fast foods are hazardous to health since they are a major cause of escalation of obesity and chronic malady (Williams & Stephanie, 98). Fast food is dangerous to health in the manner discussed herein. Fast food causes obesity. It is typically calorie and fat-laden. Weight gain results from consumption of more calories than the body metabolism system. The excess weight gain is what causes obesity. Research has unearthed that relevant to the frequency and amount of fast food consumed, up to 6-pound weight gain per annum can occur. In California for instance, researchers found out that about 5.2 percent obesity risk results from consumption of fast food (Parker, Valeìrie & Patrick, 89). Moreover, obesity also escalates the risk for high dietary fat coupled with fatty streak advancement, which subsequently transforms into larger risk for the cardiac malady (Williams & Stephanie, 120). Obesity epidemic results from fast food and lesser physical activity. Fast food diet also contains a lot of fat that has lower fiber since they have no complex carbohydrates (Smith, 45). Complex carbohydrates are normally rich in fiber having lesser levels of cholesterol, advanced gastrointestinal function and corresponding diminished risk of cardiovascular malady and cancer. Fast food causes diabetes. Fast foods have relatively high sugar levels and simple carbohydrates. Regular consumption of fast food subjects the metabolic rate to duress (Parker, Valeìrie & Patrick, 56). The body insulin subsequently falls short of adequately breaking down the sugar in the blood system. The aforementioned scenario leads to insulin-resistance which is a predisposing factor to type 2 diabetes. There has recently been worldwide escalation in the number of diabetes victims. Indeed in the last three decades, the number of people living with diabetes has increased rapidly (Williams & Stephanie, 67). Unfortunately, the trend is set to continue in the foreseeable future if the consumption of junk food is not restricted. Fast foods normally contain relatively high salt content that results to high blood pressure, kidney function and strokes (Parker, Valeìrie & Patrick, 45). Moreover, high consumption of sodium results to corresponding escalation in the urinary elimination of calcium. Increase in calcium elimination results to diminished peak bone mass couple with corresponding escalation of bone demineralization (Williams & Stephanie, 98). This consequently results to escalation in menace for osteoporosis and bone fractures among females. Fast foods contain relatively lower content of nutrients which has the danger of overreaction. Nutrients such as vitamins from the fresh produce and fiber from grains are significant in diet. Thus, foods containing high sugar content and carbohydrates but relatively lower nutrients are lesser healthier and normally results to overeating. Moreover, consumption of non-nutritious fast food every day and severally have negative effects on an individual`s energy levels and mood thus posing the risk of vitamin insufficiency (Parker, Valeìrie & Patrick, 89). Dietary composing fast foo...
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