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Findings On Preventing Type 2 Diabetes (Essay Sample)


This was a reflective essay on a class reading (A JOURNAL ARTICLE on type 2 diabetes). guidelines were provided in the instructions aND the rubric on how to analyse and reflect on the reading. PART OF THE REFLECTION WAS TO RELATE THE CONDITION TO A PERSONAL SCENARIO SUCH AS A FAMILIAL CASE, A CLOSE FRIEND, OR A COLLEAGUE.


Findings On Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

This paper describes a study on the effectiveness of lifestyle changes and metformin administration on human susceptibility to type 2 diabetes. The researchers randomly administered metformin, placebo, and lifestyle changes to 3234 persons of an average age of 51 years for a period of 2.8 years. Resultantly, the researchers established that the lifestyle change program had only 4.8 cases of diabetes per 100 persons per year, while metformin administration had 7.8 cases per 100 persons annually. Unfortunately, placebo administration proved less effective as there were 11 cases of diabetes per 100 persons per year. The study was enlightening as it presented key findings on how people could get more results from lifestyle changes than the more expensive options of placebo and metformin administration.
Having had a family history of diabetes, the article established a stimulating discussion on ways to prevent it. It made one reconsider their lifestyle choices as studies argued that one should change their lifestyle by eating right and exercising regularly. For most young adults, there is a love for fast foods such as burgers, French fries, and sweet beverages, which unknowingly lead to poor health and a higher susceptibility to type 2 diabetes. Subsequently, one needs to consider how simple of a solution lifestyle change is compared to other less effective, yet expensive, methods of medication. Moreover, prevention is better than cure.
Another interesting consideration in the article was the differences in gender, ethnic, and regional subgroups. Indeed, it was important for the researchers to note the gender, ethnic, and regional differences that may affect the effectiveness of the interventions and responses from the participants. Notably, the United States – the country of study, has a large population with numerous ethnic roots. Remarkably, the study established no differences in response within the gender, ethnic, and regional subgroups. Recently, there have been numerous studies on the native Indians, obesity, and diabetes, this study gives a clear solution on the effective treatments suitable for all groups. Ultimately, the article provides a great argument and finding on ethnic, gender, and regional responses to treatment.

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