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Inequalities in American Healthcare (Essay Sample)


Inequalities in American Healthcare
If you don't answer the task that is set, or include information that is irrelevant, you will lose points. Don't change the topic to something you are more familiar with (or have memorized)
-Introduce the topic in your own words
-Present an argument for or against a proposition, compare and contrast points of view, justify an opinion or evaluate evidence.
-End your essay with a conclusion.


Inequalities in American Healthcare
Healthcare inequality refers to inevitable and unfair differences what exist in the society. This defines the life expectancy of the population, morbidity characteristics and healthcare services that is available to them.
Americans have inequality on the access to healthcare services owing to the wide economic inequality in the population. The poor have relatively worse access to the healthcare services as compared to the rich Americans. This is occasioned by lack of health insurance covers among the poor. The Americans who have opted for private insurance policies have also faced high premiums hence reducing their disposable incomes.
Secondly, American population has varied life expectancy. The black American have relatively lower life expectancy. According to the studies conducted, healthcare outcomes are affected by the quality of life and occupational exposure to diseases. The slums and informal settlements offer the population higher risk to some conditions. The healthcare seeking behaviors among the 

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